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Amy Schumer 10/23/2014 6:29 pm UTC
  After postponing an earlier show because, frankly, her big- and small-screen careers have taken off, Amy Schumer will take the stage Saturday night at the Palace as one of the most successful com
Mike Glier: A 35 Year Survey 10/23/2014 6:25 pm UTC
  The subtitle of the new exhibit at the Opalka Gallery is, “Meander, because you can’t see much while marching.” This comprehensive survey of the work of Williams College professor Mike Glier incl
Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers 10/23/2014 6:22 pm UTC
  Tomorrow (Friday), the Egg will present Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers as part of their Dance: The World performance series. Based in Philadelphia, Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers are one of the leading Asian-America
Postmodern Jukebox 10/23/2014 6:20 pm UTC
  Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Radiohead . . . even Bon Jovi! It seems there’s no contemporary (or classic-rock) hit that pianist Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox wouldn’t co
Nancy and Spencer Reed Quartet 10/23/2014 6:18 pm UTC
  We guess you could call this “phase three,” as the good folks of Tierra Farms open the new live-music performance space in the Madison Theater. Following the successful opening of the Tierra Farm
Evil Dead The Musical 10/23/2014 6:14 pm UTC
  This Canadian show, based on Sam Raimi’s classic cinematic demon zombie chainsaw blood fests, proves once and for all that anything can be turned into a musical. And one of the current national t
Primus & the Chocolate Factory 10/23/2014 6:12 pm UTC
  With the band’s definitive lineup—singer-bassist Les Claypool, guitarist Larry LaLonde, and drummer Tim Alexander—back together once again, Primus are back on tour and ready to reconnect with the
Underneath 10/23/2014 6:09 pm UTC
 In her short career, Albany- and Brooklyn-based writer-director Noelle Gentile has presented theatrical works addressing the problems of women veterans, climate change and workers’ rights. Her
also noted . . . 10/23/2014 6:07 pm UTC
  Thursday, Cabinet will bring Pennsylvania bluegrass to the Hollow Bar + Kitchen ($12-$15, 426-8550). . . . Also Thursday, it will be a guitars-in-the-round setting at Club Helsinki as John Sebast
The Quiet Music Festival 10/23/2014 6:02 pm UTC
  “Could you turn down the guitar, please?” asked Portlandia‘s Fred Armisen, in the show’s skit “Battle of the Gentle Bands.” Curated by Chris Johanson, the Quiet Music Festival is in its third yea
OK Go 10/23/2014 5:58 pm UTC
  The musicians start playing, lights are flashing, confetti is flying, bass is thumping, and camera phones go up in the air to snap a shot. When the lights finally settle, the crowd goes wild as O
Habana Sax/Steven Wright 10/23/2014 5:27 pm UTC
 This was a conumdrum. On Friday night, Habana Sax, the obscure but brilliant Cuban jazz quintet whom I go back with a ways, were making a rare stop in Albany at the Swyer Theater at
Alexis Cole Quintet 10/23/2014 5:23 pm UTC
 “In addition to being my first time here, it's also my first time playing a full night of music with Harold Mabern,” Cole said. The group featuring Mabern on piano, saxophonist Eric Alexander,
Arming Ukraine Is A Very Bad Idea 10/23/2014 5:15 pm UTC
 Copyright © 2014 The Nation—distributed by Agence GlobalAs if to prove that the one thing the Washington establishment fears more than war is peace, Senate Armed Services Chairman Carl Lev
Seething Underwater 10/23/2014 5:07 pm UTC
  Our oceans are acidifying—even if the nightly news hasn’t told you yet. As humanity continues to fill the atmosphere with harmful gases, the planet is becoming less hospitable to life as we know



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