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Updated 2014-12-14 15:42:22 MST

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Metro Top Stories

MPS plans $10 million Malcolm X renovation to house middle school 3/5/2015 6:43 am UTC
A new contract for Milwaukee’s Malcolm X Academy puts the beleaguered building renovation project back on track after a deal with a developer fell apart at the end of last year.
Couple who lost farm at auction battle to keep second business 3/5/2015 6:01 am UTC
A Wisconsin couple who lost their farm at foreclosure auction and, through a famous photograph, became a symbol of a crisis in America’s heartland, are fighting to keep from losing a second business.
DOT secretary warns lawmakers about cutting highway borrowing 3/5/2015 5:24 am UTC
Mark Gottlieb says backing off on Walker’s plan to borrow $1.3 billion over two years would lead to yearslong delays on projects around the state.
Judges dismisses key sex abuse claims against archdiocese 3/5/2015 1:06 am UTC
Judge Susan Kelley threw out nine sex abuse claims against the archdiocese, the latest in a string of legal victories in the four-year-old bankruptcy case.
Democratic amendments rejected as right-to-work bill heads toward passage 3/5/2015 12:32 am UTC
The move came as state representatives prepared to kick off debate at 9 a.m. Thursday that could last 24 hours. Gov. Scott Walker said he would sign the bill by Monday.
Walker’s support of right to work could alter union equation 3/5/2015 12:18 am UTC
Throughout his pitched battles with labor, Gov. Scott Walker has inspired overwhelming disapproval from union households in the public sector.But union households in the private sector have been mo
Taxpayers will pay for security for all of Scott Walker's travels 3/4/2015 6:10 pm UTC
That security cost $1.75 million from July 2013 to June 2014, but Walker’s transportation secretary did not provide figures that take into account the governor’s wave of recent national travel.
Milwaukee police welcome ambassadors for job training, outreach 3/4/2015 6:06 pm UTC
Each of the 17 people sworn in Wednesday by Chief Flynn will be paired with an officer mentor for a year, part of a city effort to connect residents with transitional jobs.
Micro-farm grows out of vacant city lot 3/4/2015 5:50 am UTC
A former factory site on Milwaukee’s north side is being cleaned up, with the property being prepared for something not usually found in that urban neighborhood. A farm.
Feingold, expected by many to run for Senate, plans to travel Wisconsin 'extensively' 3/4/2015 5:38 am UTC
The statement on Facebook was not a campaign announcement, but Feingold is widely expected by insiders in both parties to seek his old U.S. Senate seat in 2016.
Editor's departure reveals Sousa, McCarthy, Byrd gems 3/3/2015 11:36 pm UTC
In this breaking news from 91 years ago, The Milwaukee Journal had its own march composed by the master of rousing patriotic songs, John Philip Sousa.
With 3 sons lost to gun violence, Leondis Fuller works to build up fathers 3/3/2015 10:30 pm UTC
In nine years, Leondis Fuller lost three sons to gunfire in Milwaukee. Their deaths, and his faith, have set him on a path to prevent future violence by teaching men to be better fathers.
Scott Walker says he would sign ban on abortions after 20 weeks 3/3/2015 9:34 pm UTC
The governor during last year’s re-election campaign repeatedly declined to spell out where he stood on the issue.
UW System leader urges legislators to OK autonomy, lessen cut 3/3/2015 8:10 pm UTC
New operating flexibilities, if approved for the UW System, would save only about $15 million to $20 million in the first year, UW System President Ray Cross testified Tuesday.
After a snowy day, frigid temperatures return Wednesday 3/3/2015 7:46 pm UTC
Frigid temperatures and subzero wind chill values will return to Milwaukee on Wednesday and Thursday.
DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp defends Scott Walker's changes to advisory board 3/3/2015 5:08 pm UTC
Cathy Stepp spoke Tuesday about the governor plans to turn the Natural Resources Board into an advisory panel, instead of one that makes policy.
Doctor tries to put patients at ease with sports memorabilia 3/3/2015 4:54 am UTC
Mark Meier is a doctor who specializes in family medicine and nonsurgical sports medicine. But he’s also become an amateur curator of an expansive collection of sports memorabilia.
Key legislator calls on Bucks ownership to boost arena contribution 3/2/2015 10:24 pm UTC
On the same day two Milwaukee Bucks owners appeared on Forbes magazine’s list of the 400 wealthiest Americans, a key legislator said team ownership should contribute more toward a new arena.
State troopers who protect governor given $4-an-hour raises 3/2/2015 10:02 pm UTC
Just after Republicans announced they were rejecting raises for rank-and-file state troopers, Gov. Scott Walker’s administration granted $4-an-hour raises to the officers who travel with him.
Union bill headed to full Assembly after 12-hour hearing 3/2/2015 4:58 pm UTC
The all-day hearing for the union bill known as right-to-work comes after Walker signaled over the weekend he would sign it as soon as he receives it.



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