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Updated 2015-04-01 10:01:43 MST

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Metro Top Stories

Fraud case leaves PharMerica whistle-blower bitter, seeking new career 5/25/2015 11:00 am UTC
Jennifer Buth describes ‘living in a CSI episode’ after filing the lawsuit that yielded a $31 million government settlement with a Pewaukee pharmacy, but now she wants to move on.
PolitiFact: Have accidents fallen 50% with new Marquette Interchange? 5/25/2015 4:22 am UTC
A state roadbuilders group says "accidents are down 50% and injury accidents are down 60%" in the rebuilt Marquette Interchange in Milwaukee.
Green Sheet returns 5/25/2015 4:18 am UTC
In March 1994, The Milwaukee Journal ceased publishing its Green Sheet features and comics section, ending what for most of a century had become a daily ritual. Readers never stopped asking when it
20 minutes of violence leaves 1 dead, 4 hurt in separate shootings 5/25/2015 4:14 am UTC
No arrests have been reported, though police said early Sunday that they have identified and are seeking the suspect who fled the scene of a triple shooting.
Memorial Day observances in the Milwaukee area 2015 5/25/2015 4:08 am UTC
Here are some of the Memorial Day events being held in and around Milwaukee this year.
Surprise school sports measure stirs up critics 5/25/2015 4:08 am UTC
Madison— Critics are blasting legislators after the state's budget committee passed a surprise motion last week that would allow private, home-schooled and online charter students to participate in
Utility customers saved average of almost $190 on heating last winter 5/25/2015 1:53 am UTC
Even though this was one of the coldest winters over the past 30 years, natural gas prices remained low throughout the cold months to help deliver savings for We Energies customers.
Milwaukee County, state foster care systems rate well in new report 5/25/2015 1:08 am UTC
Milwaukee County is close to state and national averages when it comes to the percentage of foster children in non-family settings, according to a new report.
At Heal the Hood block party, violence countered with unity, resilience 5/24/2015 9:58 pm UTC
A crowd gathered Sunday at the community garden at N. 9th and W. Ring streets for the fourth annual block party, which aims to bring the black community together.
Delafield celebrates Civil War hero Alonzo Cushing, displays his Medal of Honor 5/24/2015 9:38 pm UTC
Memorial Day weekend events in Delafield have special meaning this year, after Alonzo Cushing’s heroism was honored in November with the nation’s highest medal for valor.
High demand depletes Milwaukee's home repair loan program 5/24/2015 4:58 pm UTC
The city provided $1 million for the program in its 2015 budget, and by the end of last week, nearly 40 loans had been completed for $459,000 with about 100 applications still in the queue.
Judge OKs sale of fancy cars seized in money laundering scheme 5/24/2015 3:49 am UTC
The Secret Service may sell more than $2.4 million worth of luxury cars seized during the probe of a Kenosha-based scheme involving identity theft and the export of cars to China.
Can Feingold come back from defeat? 5/24/2015 3:49 am UTC
The three-term senator's election formula abandoned him in the conservative wave of 2010, when he lost his seat to Republican newcomer Ron Johnson, but early polls suggest this time could be differ
Sheard captured jazz greats, civil rights movement through lens 5/24/2015 3:43 am UTC
Chester Sheard used these images to share his vision of the history makers of our time, with an eye for the moment and a heart for the scene.
Man writes Memorial Day tribute to high school buddy who died in Vietnam 5/24/2015 12:08 am UTC
Don Piper is spending his retirement writing about people and events from his life, and he's never stopped thinking about Edward Alan Beilfuss Jr., who died fighting in Vietnam.
Mastodon mystery 5/24/2015 12:08 am UTC
Investigation into century-old mastodon bones came to include tools of modern science: DNA sequencing and radiocarbon dating.
GOP lawmakers want more timber cutting in state forests 5/23/2015 11:38 pm UTC
The measure would provide fresh supplies of wood for state industries, but conservationists say some of the forestland targeted cannot safely sustain more logging.
Community garden brings teens, mentors together each Saturday 5/23/2015 10:23 pm UTC
Residents near N. 9th and W. Ring streets got rid of the drug dealers, got speed bumps installed in the street and created a garden that give youths a place to work and learn.
Mother wounded at vigil for son prays for an end to violence 5/23/2015 4:18 pm UTC
In the short-term, Debra Hopkins wants only this: To regain enough use of her legs to walk out of the hospital and attend her 18-year-old son’s funeral. In the long-term, she wants more.
Legislature's civics graduation requirement fails Civics 101 5/23/2015 4:13 pm UTC
The irony of the Legislature’s powerful budget committee ramming through a requirement that all Wisconsin students pass a civics test in order to get a high school diploma is just too rich.



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